EnviroKlean Announces Patent Pending Status for Recirculation System

Midland, TX –  October 2, 2023 – EnviroKlean announced today that it has received confirmation of completed filing, and therefore confirmed patent pending status, for its most recent patent entitled “Gun Barrel, Separator, and Above Ground Storage Tank Recirculation and Nozzle Assembly”.  Today’s announcement adds another key claim to EnviroKlean’s growing IP portfolio and demonstrates a continuing commitment to innovation that improves financial and operating performance for our midstream water customers while increasing water sustainability for our environment.

The patent application supports the significant time and capital deployed developing EnviroKlean’s newest solution, EK Recirculate™.  Our new recirculation system, designed for gun barrels and other separation tanks at tank batteries, salt water disposals, and ASTs, eliminates the solids pads that form between the water and oil layers inside the separation tanks, thus preventing oil-wet solids buildup resulting in significantly lower remediation costs, less harmful toxic waste, and improved oil skim recovery.

By preventing solid pads from forming — or by eliminating them after they have initially formed — EK Recirculate improves oil-water separation, which leads to both higher volume oil skims and higher quality oil skims, resulting in increased oil revenue. 

The ROI on the EK Recirculate system is demonstrably high, and evidence of its actual performance can be visually seen with actual “before and after” FLIR images of oil-rich solids pads literally “dissolving” inside of a gun barrel after an EK Recirculate system has been installed.  The system is available on an implementation and licensing model, with (i) an initial one-time fee for system design, development, implementation and setup, and (ii) a monthly license fee, both of which are determined by the number of gun barrels, water tank trains, and/or ASTs protected by the system.

About EnviroKlean
EnviroKlean™ provides a full suite of innovative water treatment solutions that protect infrastructure, improve productivity, and enhance sustainability throughout the produced water lifecycle.  Powered by the proprietary EK One™ chemistry platform and delivered through the EK FlowPro™ chemical delivery management platform, our solutions are revolutionizing the way scale, corrosion, bacteria, and oil-water separation are managed in the produced water industry.  Our recurring and non-recurring water treatment solutions are available for Completions, Production, Pipelines and Batteries, Recycle and Reuse, and Disposal applications.

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