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Frequently Asked Questions
What do we do?

We develop custom water treatment solutions for produced water systems that address the complex problems caused by the constantly changing organic make-up of produced water.

What is our mission?
Our mission is to improve the health of produced water and the midstream infrastructure that supports it.
What is our “purpose”?
By improving the health of produced water and the midstream infrastructure that supports it, we can simultaneously improve the financial and operational performance of our customers and improve water sustainability for our world.
What is our story?

EnviroKlean was originally founded to develop chemistry solutions to address the problems associated with NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material). Previously known as EnviroKlean Product Development, Inc (EPDI), our initial chelation-based chemistry was discovered and first commercialized in 2010 and focused on NORM remediation. This chemical technology has evolved and expanded over the past decade into today’s comprehensive EK One™ platform that is now focused on solving the complex chemical challenges associated with produced water.

Our management team, led by Robert Rolfe and John Williams, has managed and grown this business since 2019. With their complimentary leadership skills, John’s 30+ years of water science experience combined with Robert’s investment banking and operational expertise led to a successful recapitalization of the business in January 2023, creating a debt-free company that also received a significant growth equity commitment from new owner West End Holdings, LLC.

Who do we serve?
Our primary target markets are oil and gas producers and the midstream water industry that supports them. We currently focus on the Permian basin but expect to expand to other geographies in the near future.
What is our “health and wellness” approach?
EnviroKlean takes an innovative “health and wellness” approach to water treatment. We believe the health of a produced water system is analogous to the health of a human’s circulatory system.

Just as today’s modern pharmaceuticals help prevent circulatory problems within the arteries, valves, and hearts (ie pumps) that move blood through humans, EK One chemistry is modern medicine that helps prevent circulatory problems within the pipes, valves, tanks, and pumps that move water through the circulatory system of the oil and gas industry.

Our preventative health approach is the opposite of today’s status quo, which continues to rely on conventional, off-the-shelf chemicals (i.e. drugs) that cause large quantities of toxic wastes to form in produced water. Regardless of whether this waste forms as solids, toxic gases, or as “plaque buildup” inside of pipes and other infrastructure, today’s status quo eventually results in the need for more expensive “emergency care” to continuously separate, remediate, and dispose of these waste by-products.

The benefits of EnviroKlean’s healthier approach are clear: (i) less toxic waste to haul off, (ii) lower capital expenditures, (iii) decreased operating costs, and (iv) reduced pressure levels for pipelines, batteries, and disposal wells. The ultimate result of EnviroKlean’s ”water wellness” approach is both increased system capacity and enhanced water sustainability.

What is the EK One™ chemistry platform?

EnviroKlean’s proprietary chemistry platform, EK One™, is the foundation of our disruptive approach to the treatment and management of produced water.

EK One was originally developed to leverage the concept of chelation, harnessing the power of the carbon atom in revolutionary new ways. EK One chemistry “molecularly wraps” Iron (Fe), NORM, and other basic elements with carbon atoms, preventing them from initiating the adverse organic chemical reactions that create iron sulfides, TENORM, and other toxic waste by-products. As a result of EK One’s transformative chemistry, the Iron and other elements responsible for creation of solids are returned back into solution — where they permanently reside, along with the NORM — stable, sequestered, and forever bound within the source water.

By eliminating Iron-based reactions, EK One prevents waste solids from ever forming while simultaneously reducing corrosion and other adverse effects, revolutionizing produced water treatment. With EnviroKlean’s new approach, waste remediation expenses are significantly reduced, capital expenditures are lowered, maintenance expenses are decreased, and system capacity and environmental sustainability are improved.

The EK One platform is comprised of seven core components that interact in combination with each other to solve complex water treatment challenges needed to improve the health of produced water:

  • CHELATORS – Impacting Iron (Fe) and NORM
  • DISRUPTERS – Impacting Biofilms, Organic Materials, and Scale
  • INHIBITORS – Impacting Corrosion, Scale, and TENORM
  • PREVENTERS – Impacting Biofilms, H2S, Iron Sulfides, Scale, and TENORM
  • PROTECTORS – Impacting Equipment and other Metal Material, both surface and subsurface
  • REMOVERS – Impacting Biofilms, BSW, H2S, Iron Sulfides, Scale, and TENORM
  • SCAVENGERS – Impacting H2S and Iron Sulfides
How is EK One™ different from other oxidation-based chemistries?
Today’s static-rate oxidation chemistries such as chlorine dioxide, chlorine, PAA, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and/or permanganate each result in the production of large amounts of toxic solids which need to be continuously hauled off.

EK One™ is different – much different – as it prevents the Iron-based organic reactions that create these waste solids from ever occurring, thus eliminating the solids before they are formed. With this transformational new approach,  waste remediation expenses are significantly reduced, capital expenditures are lowered, maintenance expenses are decreased, and system capacity and environmental sustainability are improved.

EK One consistently outperforms conventional oxidation chemistries as measured by (i) pH (ii) stabilized ORP (iii) conductivity and (iv) bacteria elimination, with the performance advantage continually increasing over time.

What is the EK FlowPro™ Chemical Delivery Management (CDM) system?

Transforming the water treatment industry takes more than better chemistry. It takes better delivery of that chemistry. After years of experience using conventional pumps and static injection methods to deliver chemicals, EnviroKlean realized none of them provided the capabilities needed to optimally deliver the right chemistry at the right time, so we developed our own automation system, EK FlowPro™.

The EK FlowPro system consists of both an operating system and a suite of proprietary hardware solutions that manage and automate chemistry injection and delivery management.

How is EK FlowPro™ different from other CDM alternatives?
Today’s chemical pump automation technology is largely static and unable to adjust to changing water conditions “on the fly”. It also is not designed to manage multiple pumps pumping the multiple different chemicals necessary to achieve optimal results.

EK FlowPro™ resolves the many challenges associated with accurately measuring, controlling, and managing injection rates for multiple chemicals at multiple points of injection. It enables remote autonomy, dynamic control, and synchronization of multiple pumps pumping multiple different chemicals. It enables the chemical injection flow of each of these pumps to vary in order to match constantly changing water volumes, allowing PPM concentrations for each prescribed chemistry to remain constant.

And now, the most recent release of the EK FlowPro operating system enables continuous monitoring of ever-changing water characteristics in real-time, allowing PPM adjustments to be made autonomously “on the fly” based upon the changing demands of the water.

With EK FlowPro, regardless of constantly changing water conditions, targeted KPI levels can now remain constant, providing assurance that optimal water conditions are continuously maintained. Fully integrated with EnviroKlean’s customer portal, EK FlowPro represents the state-of-the-art for autonomous control of water chemistry injection and delivery management.

How does our full-service business model work?

Implementation of each EnviroKlean solution begins with a comprehensive on-site system survey, followed by an analysis of the water samples from the system by our in-house lab. Based on the lab results, our water science team prescribes the optimal combination of chemistries from our proprietary chemistry platform, EK One™. These prescribed chemistries are then injected into the water system and managed through EK FlowPro™, our proprietary chemical delivery management platform.

EnviroKlean’s innovative solutions are delivered through our comprehensive, full-service business model that provides everything needed to ensure optimal water health including:

  • Diagnostic and Consulting Services
  • Solution Development and Implementation
  • EK One™ Chemistry Platform
  • Tanks, Pumps and Ancillary Equipment
  • EK FlowPro™ Chemical Delivery Management System
  • Field Service
  • Quality Control
  • Account Management
What is our strategy for growth?
EnviroKlean recognizes that we will need partners to fulfill our growth expectations. Today, we are focused on developing industry-transforming solutions and delivering them through our high-touch, full-service delivery model. In the future, we plan to expand the reach of our EK One™ chemistry platform by partnering with respected industry leaders that have manufacturing and/or distribution expertise that provide “win/win synergy” with our proven chemistry and automation technology.