EnviroKlean Product Development Inc (EPDI) Recapitalized by West End Holdings, LLC

Midland, TX –  Feb 1, 2023 – EnviroKlean Product Development announced today that it has been recapitalized by West End Holdings, LLC,  a Nashville, TN based private equity firm focused on special situations.  The transaction creates a new company, EnviroKlean, Inc, that is debt-free and that has a significant new capital commitment to accelerate the recent growth in the business.

EnviroKlean is the leading provider of chelation-based chemistry solutions for the midstream water industry.  It’s unique EK One™ chemistry platform is recognized as a transformative technology that significantly improves the treatment of produced water, generating high ROI for oil and gas producers and midstream water companies by reducing maintenance costs, lowering capital expenditures, and increasing system capacity for pipelines and batteries, disposal wells, and produced water recycling facilities.  By reducing toxic waste streams with EK One chemistry vs conventional remediation programs’ costly waste haul off expenses, EnviroKlean also improves sustainability through a reduction in toxic waste volumes, increases in water recycling capacity, and the need for fewer new disposal facilities due to enhanced system capacity.  In addition to produced water management, EK One also enables oil and gas producers to improve both frac operations and oil and gas production, with specialty chemistry solutions that improve well performance, reduce well pressures, and improve oil revenue by addressing the complex issues associated with bacteria, scale, and corrosion throughout the entire energy production life cycle.

“EnviroKlean has more than 10 years of experience innovating in a specialty chemistry field that we believe transforms the produced water industry,” said Lyle Beasley, Managing Partner of West End Holdings (WEH).  “Their innovative approach to eliminating solids with better chemistry is truly unique, and we believe will be rapidly adopted by the midstream water industry, particularly those that are sustainability-focused.”

“With the creation of our new debt-free structure and the additional capital to fund the multiple opportunities in front of us, we are now positioned to truly improve the way our industry treats and manages produced water,” said EnviroKlean President John Williams.  “We have a unique product that truly solves complex produced water challenges in a completely new way, and we now have the working capital necessary for rapid growth.  The West End Holdings team believes in our vision and is enabling us to truly transform this industry.  Robert and I could not be happier for our team and prouder of the validation that this investment means to our entire company.”

About EnviroKlean
EnviroKlean™ provides a full suite of innovative water treatment solutions that protect infrastructure, improve productivity, and enhance sustainability throughout the produced water lifecycle.  Powered by the proprietary EK One™ chemistry platform and delivered through the EK FlowPro™ chemical delivery management platform, our solutions are revolutionizing the way scale, corrosion, bacteria, and oil-water separation are managed in the produced water industry.  Our recurring and non-recurring water treatment solutions are available for Completions, Production, Pipelines and Batteries, Recycle and Reuse, and Disposal applications.

About West End Holdings, LLC
West End Holdings is a private equity partnership focused on acquiring “special situation” businesses seeking new ownership.  We creatively structure transactions that provide the capital, leadership, and non-financial resources required for businesses to reach their potential. Established in 2012, West End Holdings has recapitalized and provided new leadership to multiple businesses in the technology, healthcare services, and business services areas.