EnviroKlean Announces New Fleet of EK FracReady™ Autonomous Trailers

Midland, TX –  July 19, 2023 – EnviroKlean announced today that it has completed the design and awarded the manufacturing contract for its initial new EK FracReady™ trailers, designed to autonomously manage multi-chemical injection for high volume frac operators requiring 100,000- 200,000 barrels of daily processing capacity.  This announcement further demonstrates EnviroKlean’s commitment to rapid growth, as this new line of high-capacity trailers enables the highest volume frac operators in the Permian to take advantage of the unique EK One™ chemistry advantages.

With more than 30 years experience designing complex chemistry-based water systems, EnviroKlean’s President John Williams understood exactly what was needed to build the scalable and autonomous systems needed to meet the demands of today’s highest volume fracs – particularly those with increasingly challenging comingled water sources that still need to meet the most stringent KPI requirements.   While EnviroKlean’s proprietary chemical delivery management platform, EK FlowPro™ provides autonomous measurement and adjustment of all EK One chemistries injected in real-time, the EK FracReady trailers are designed to accommodate 24×7 full-time employee support for maximum safety and quality assurance.

In addition to the positive assurance of a continuing supply of high-volume frac ready water to meet the most stringent KPI requirements, the positive results experienced by EK FracReady customers continue well beyond the time that completion teams have finished and production teams have taken over.  Ask us about our 12-month side-by-side study of more than 100 wells treated by EK FracReady vs a competitor that used conventional oxidation chemistry.  The results of “downhole” fluids tests 60, 90, and 120 days into oil and gas production demonstrates clearly the EnviroKlean advantage.

About EnviroKlean
EnviroKlean™ provides a full suite of innovative water treatment solutions that protect infrastructure, improve productivity, and enhance sustainability throughout the produced water lifecycle.  Powered by the proprietary EK One™ chemistry platform and delivered through the EK FlowPro™ chemical delivery management platform, our solutions are revolutionizing the way scale, corrosion, bacteria, and oil-water separation are managed in the produced water industry.  Our recurring and non-recurring water treatment solutions are available for Completions, Production, Pipelines and Batteries, Recycle and Reuse, and Disposal applications.

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