EnviroKlean Announces Addition of Bri Arnold as Business Development Manager

Midland, TX –  April 14, 2023 – EnviroKlean announced today that it has hired industry sales leader, Bri Arnold, as Business Development Manager.  The announcement adds another key component to EnviroKlean’s growth strategy and allows increasing coverage of the Permian basin, with emphasis on enterprise accounts.

“I have known and worked with Bri for more than 6 years”, said John Williams, President and Chief Water Scientist of EnviroKlean.  “She knows as much about the challenges facing midstream water operators in the Permian as anyone I have ever known, and her integrity is second to none.  I consider it a tremendous compliment that she has chosen to invest this chapter of her career with us to help accelerate the growth of our unique chelation-based chemistry solutions.”  In addition to her more than decade of sales experience in the Permian region, Bri has been an entrepreneur who has built, grown, and successfully exited an oil services business that she founded herself.

“I have watched EnviroKlean from the sidelines for the past 3 years and have become convinced that the solutions we offer are truly transformational,” said Bri.  “Our EK One™ chemistry and EK FlowPro™ chemical delivery management platforms are both game changers, and they will be exciting to share with my friends and associates who have not yet seen the difference made by better chemistry delivered in a better way.  I am looking forward to helping my new company grow at a rapid pace, helping as many new customers as possible gain the high ROI benefits of our unique solutions.”

About EnviroKlean
EnviroKlean™ provides a full suite of innovative water treatment solutions that protect infrastructure, improve productivity, and enhance sustainability throughout the produced water lifecycle.  Powered by the proprietary EK One™ chemistry platform and delivered through the EK FlowPro™ chemical delivery management platform, our solutions are revolutionizing the way scale, corrosion, bacteria, and oil-water separation are managed in the produced water industry.  Our recurring and non-recurring water treatment solutions are available for Completions, Production, Pipelines and Batteries, Recycle and Reuse, and Disposal applications.

Contact us today at info@EnviroKlean.co or at (432) 682-0300 and let us show you how our better chemistry can work for you.