EnviroKlean’s EK Assure™ Reaches 150 Million Barrel Milestone

Study demonstrates the long-term benefits of protecting injection well infrastructure with EnviroKlean’s transformative EK One™ chemistry.

Midland, TX – Feb 1, 2024 – EnviroKlean, Inc. announced today the interim results from a multi-year study measuring the effectiveness of its asset integrity solution, EK Assure™. This ongoing study began in February 2021 and measures the long-term maintenance costs for saltwater disposal wells (SWDs) treated and protected with EnviroKlean’s unique chelation-based chemistry, EK One™. The initiative tracks the average length of time between failure, as defined by the time between acid jobs, as well as the number and length of tube failures experienced by the SWDs in the study.

SWD WellThe interim results were released today. The 25 SWDs being studied have been continuously treated by EK One chemistry for 35 months and have collectively processed and disposed of more than 150 million barrels of produced water in the Permian Basin. The initial findings include zero incidents of tubing failure, as well as zero acid jobs performed on any of the 25 SWDs treated and protected by EnviroKlean’s EK Assure solution. All SWDs included in this study remain in operation today.

“We expected the study to demonstrate minimal failures from corrosion or scale build-up on the 25 facilities we were treating”, said John Williams, EnviroKlean’s President. “But after almost three years, our results have exceeded expectations, with no tubing failures and no acid jobs required at any of the participating facilities. Our EK One chemistry and our proprietary delivery platform offer unique, high ROI benefits that take years to fully appreciate.”

This ongoing study to measure the failure rates for produced water infrastructure over time is believed to be the first of its kind and is providing demonstrable proof of the high ROI of investing in protective chemistry to improve profitability and injection well integrity by reducing unplanned downtime and avoidable expense.

About EnviroKlean, Inc.
EnviroKlean, Inc. provides a full suite of innovative water treatment solutions that protect infrastructure, improve productivity, and enhance sustainability throughout the produced water lifecycle. Powered by its proprietary EK One™ chemistry and delivered through the EK FlowPro™ chemical delivery management system, EnviroKlean’s solutions are revolutionizing the way scale, corrosion, bacteria, and oil-water separation are managed in the produced water industry. Both recurring and non-recurring water treatment solutions are available for applications related to Completions, Production, Pipelines and Batteries, Recycle and Reuse, and Disposals.

About EK Assure™
EK Assure is EnviroKlean’s recurring treatment program that provides comprehensive flow assurance and infrastructure integrity for pipelines, tank batteries, and saltwater disposal facilities. After a comprehensive onsite system survey and water analysis, each EK Assure implementation results in the development of a custom EK One chemistry formulation optimized for each system. The prescribed chemistries are then delivered at the right place and at the right time, managed through our proprietary chemical delivery management system to continually protect midstream water infrastructure.

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