In an industry that is extremely dynamic, is your chemical treatment process dynamic?

Traditionally, using the same chemicals to treat all water issues has been accepted
but it’s proven to be highly ineffective.

In order to preserve and optimize your systems in place today, we’ve developed our Dynamic Fluid Mapping Treatment Technology (DFMT2) to move your water treatment into the future.


How does listening to your water save you money?

Through Dynamic Fluid Mapping Treatment Technology (DFMT2) and ongoing analysis, EPD guarantees the effectiveness of its treatments. You can rest assured that your system will operate at optimum efficiency as it receives proven treatment, delivered at precise volumes.


The DFMT2 chemical program is tailored specifically to a customer’s needs using our proprietary Unmanned Real-time Technology (“URT2”) that range from automated chemical delivery systems to dynamic water monitoring systems.

The systems can analyze the water, interpret the results then adjust your chemical program real time to reduce costs by controlling the BaSICs.


  • Measures chemical tank levels

  • Chemical pump only runs when system is flowing fluid

  • Each chemical pump rate can be set independently

  • Chemical pump rate matches flow rate

  • Measures chemical pump line PSI to detect leaks

  • Built-in alerts to notify personnel that service is required

  • Control pumps remotely from any device

  • Measures customer’s flow rates (BPM, max BPM, no flow time)

  • Measures customer’s chemical usage per day

  • Dynamically adjust chemical PPM rates based on water DNA


EPD’s online software, eDART (Electronic Data Analysis Real Time), provides complete transparency into your chemical program to verify services, efficiency, and performance, real time.



Real-time access to all location’s data:
– KPI Dashboard
– Chemical Spend
– Water Analysis
– Solid’s Analysis
– Bacteria Analysis
– Oil (TOG) Analysis
– Corrosion Analysis


Real-time alerts:
– HI/LO chemical rate
– HI/LO chemical level
– HI/LO line pressure
– No flow detection
– Leak detection
– Power failure
– Communication failure


Real-time updates:
– Chemical delivery
– Chemical refill
– Site inspection
– Location repairs
– Location maintenance


Real-time rates dashboard:
– Chemical feed rate (PPM/GPD)
– Influent flow rate (BPM/GPM)
– Effluent flow rate (BPM/GPM)
– Chemical inventory level
– Chemical line PSI


Remote access:
-On/off pump control
-Adjust chemical PPM rate
-Adjust alert parameters


Our systems can be installed anywhere water needs to be monitored or treated such as fracs, water pits, production wells, pipelines, water floods, and disposal wells.  Our technology can operate independently or in concert with your existing automation or communication protocols.

A DFMT2 system reduces chemical cost by optimizing the chemical delivery and usage to match the system’s unique water flow. It enables operators to control the buildup of iron pads and BS&W in the tanks and reduce corrosion, scale and bacteria throughout the tank battery and formation by constantly tracking and monitoring key water test results to drive the best chemical blend based on the water makeup.