Disposal Systems

Today, Midstream and Disposal Operators are faced with ever increasing volumes, and an industry that is dependent on the reliability of disposal systems. High operating and maintenance costs are viewed as the norm to maintain the dependability of these systems.

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EPD’s goal is to save the average disposal over $50,000 per year.
We can save you additional money through lower energy costs and maintenance by reducing the wellhead pressure by over 20%. EPD’s holistic treatment process strives to offset the total cost of our chemical program through those cost savings.

EPD’s vast knowledge of Midstream systems, through decades of experience in treating, building, and operating disposal systems has transformed the industry’s approach to treating these valuable systems. Through the development of our Dynamic Fluid Mapping Treatment Technology and our BaSIC approach to treating these complex fluid streams, EPD has pioneered a new norm of consistent reliability.

Dynamic Fluid Mapping Treatment Technology, EPD’s proprietary automation and chemical delivery system, in conjunction with our suite of EK-Technology, will minimize your downtime and maximize your reliability by drastically reducing the need for acid jobs, tank cleanouts and workovers, by adjusting your chemicals to match your system’s dynamic flow rate and fluid characteristics, to ensure your system receives the most precise treatment in the industry.


EPD’s EK-Technology does not generate BS&W, rather it dissolves, chelates, suspends, and transports the solids.


Our unique analysis takes a comprehensive, field wide review of your system’s performance to identify cost saving opportunities.