Our proprietary technology produces a frac ready fluid that meets your needs at a lower cost than prevailing treatments.

  • Removes iron from the equation through our revolutionary chelating-binding process

  • Prevents iron sulfide and hydrogen sulfide from forming

  • Eliminates the need for solids removal

  • Preserves the fluid within your storage pits for 90+ days


This process doesn’t generate solids & removes iron from the equation, denying the formation of iron sulfide & hydrogen sulfide.


Our RE-KLEAN system can easily be relocated & setup in hours, anywhere. For example, the system can be setup next to a disposal well, a tank battery, a pit, or a pipeline. The system design allows for unlimited daily throughput.

The current recycling process is effective at removing solids, but the solid’s waste stream requires disposal.


Over the last decade, the water recycling process has remained largely the same despite significant growth in total volume.  

Service companies are stuck in the same box: Oxidation, Coagulation, Flocculation, and Filtration steps to recycle produced water. 

This process is widely used despite numerous shortcomings. The recycling equipment footprint is large, requires significant amounts of energy to operate, and has throughput limitations. Also, the process operates most efficiently at a predesigned, steady flow rate (i.e., 15 BPM), which is difficult to achieve on a consistent basis due to the varying characteristics of produced water.


The biggest deficiency in the prevailing processes is the failure to adequately preserve the water for storage. This leads to pit souring (elevated bacteria levels, hydrogen sulfide, sludge, oil-wet solids), which will require additional costly chemical treatments to make it frac ready water.

Dynamic Fluid Mapping Treatment Technology allows the system to adjust real time to the extreme variations in the produced water’s characteristics and ensures a consistent water quality.   The result is a frac ready water that is preserved for an extended period of time.

EPD’s water recycling solution is changing the industry.